Nah it’s cool I make 10k more than you but you still talk down to me like I can’t afford anything…

For fucks sake, I’ll just go and wait downstairs or something



Oh that’s also just tremendous…

Hi there, I really really hate you, fingers crossed that aids test comes back positive..


New Orleans Saints

Saints just lost in OT, 27-24. To fucking Kansas City. Kansas City that starts Matt Cassell at QB.

Here we go;

J Charles 33 rushes, 233 yards, 1 TD
M Cassell 26/44, 248 yards, 0TD
R Succcop 6 FG, 1 PAT

The Saints defence is an absolute joke, they cant stop anyone in any situation! 1&10 or 3rd&27, they’ll let you move the chains. Open field tackling is a basic part of defending at any level of football, and these professionals, these millionaires, these Saints just cannot do it.

Losing Jonathan Vilma is tough no doubt, he’s a veteran leader and defensive captain who reads the plays and makes the audibles, but he’s also the wrong side of 30 and constantly battling injuries. Losing Tracy Porter is tough, because he was decent in coverage and he was a ball-hawk, who generated turnovers.

Steve Spagnuolo’s new defensive scheme will take time to learn but at the moment it doesn’t even look like they’ve seen the playbook! The Packers will easily hang 40 on them next week.

The offence isn’t as bad, but its still not at 100%. Brees is constantly being pressured into imcompletions, sacks and turnovers, but he keeps throwing the TDs. The running game is promising, with 5 different backs, all with different but effective styles of running. Even when the backs get it going, the playcallers go to the pass, and the run game gets abandoned. If the Saints were to run the ball 25 times a game, they’d wear down the opposing defense, set up play action,
It’ll run more time off the clock, and most importantly, it’ll keep the Saints D off the field for as log as possible. By running the ball more often, it takes pressure off of Drew Brees, who doesn’t need to throw it 45 times a game, and this will in turn limit his turnovers, and it will limit the number of 3rd and longs.

The Special Teams unit has also disappointed. From allowing Ryan Succop to make 6 FGs, to constantly leaving the offense with a long field, it just is not working.

Finally, and this is out with the Saints control, they have not been helped at all by the replacement officials. Through 3 games, they have wiped out perfectly good TDs, made inexplicable Pass Interference calls to improve opposing field position, and they have taken forever on reviews, destroying momentum completely.


It’s that time again. Another major tournament, another Quarter-Final exit. It’s tough to describe this one though, since England only started 9 players and were reduced to 6 by the second half. Usually, that would excuse a defeat against a top side like Italy, but they themselves only fielded Andrea Pirlo…

They didn’t play too bad in the first half, but i didn’t see them come out for the second. James Milner and Ashley Young did well in the Italian mid field, working hard to break up England’s play and setting up the Italian counter attack.

When penalties rolled round, I expected Rooney, Carroll, Gerrard, Henderson and Walcott to take penalties, but half of them are shitebags so up step the Ashley sisters to ruin everyones day, and the rest is history…

A rebuttal.

Clydesdale Bank

Fuck every single one of you, you can take your bank cards, and your shopping and ram it…


Blogging is terrible, its like having endless one-sided conversations with a computer that get you nowhere, but it makes you feel like you are contributing to the internet, with the thinnest chance of becoming a overnight sensation, because if Rebecca Black and Perez Hilton can do it, why cant everyone?


Metric System Thriving In Nation’s Inner Cities

WASHINGTON, DC–Despite other academic shortcomings, inner-city youths possess a firmer grasp of the metric system than their peers in suburban and rural areas, according to a Department Of Education study released Monday.